About Us
Japan IKO, NACHI, THK, ASAHI is the first in Japan based on the company's own technology research and development of needle roller bearings, machine tool spindle bearings, linear motion systems, with seat bearings (and based on this high technology) into the linear motion series, Portfolio series and other new areas of the company. Today, the company is continually supporting technology with its self-lubricating maintenance-free range of products and the wide variety of other products developed to meet the diverse needs of its customers.
Mechanical processing
Provide high precision, high rate, low consumption and other characteristics of environmental protection, can meet a wide range of needs of the tool, the processing system. In the field of precision knives that are indispensable for the machining of gear and drive system components, FUJIU has been playing the cornerstone role of numerous machinery industries including the automotive industry, gaining the trust of the world market.
Industrial robots
Based on the actual performance of the world's most advanced spot welding robots, we have contributed to the automation of unmanned applications in handling applications, including heavy-duty handling robots and large LCD glass substrates handling cleanroom robots.
Functional objects
Bearings and hydraulic parts are very important functional parts.
Widely used in automobiles, railway vehicles, construction machinery, working machinery, molding machines, motors and other machinery. The pursuit of high performance in the product development, miniaturization, lightweight, durability, and ensure the safety and reliability of the system and comfort.
Material area
High-speed steel, tool steel in the field as the basis, high-speed, high efficiency and high life as the ultimate goal, give full play to temperature control technology (heat treatment), surface modification (coating) accumulated technology and its own comprehensive advantages, has been leading The trend of material change in the field of tool development.
At the same time to the automotive, electronics, IT fields to provide pre-shaped, pre-hard wire and other functional materials, and focus on the development of special re-melting materials application market development.
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