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Ball spline

Ball splines are divided into three types: high torque type, medium torque type and rotary type. You can choose the type according to the purpose. In addition, the rich shape of the design of the spline mother, according to the installation or use of diff
Will be a combination of THK technology and know-how of the retainer technology to the ball spline application using the ball retainer, to maintain the entire column of circular motion, corresponding to high-speed use. Eliminate the impact and friction between steel balls to achieve low noise, good sound quality and low dust. Long-term maintenance-free by improving grease retention. The high torque type construction ensures the flexing rigidity of the outer cylinder. In addition, the shape of the spline shaft tends to be circular, which also increases the rigidity of the spline shaftSex.
1. Corresponding high-speed: Through the use of ball retainer, to maintain the entire column of circular motion, high-speed response to use, making the device possible high beat.
2. The spline shaft stiffness improvement: the shape of the spline shaft approaches a circle, compared with the original high torque spline shaft, the product flexural rigidity and bending rigidity can be greatly improved.
Spline type:
Straight cylindrical ball spline SLS type (medium load type): the outer diameter of the spline outer cylinder is straight; the key can be used to achieve the fixed between the support seat and the transmission torque.
Straight Cylindrical Spline SLS-L Type (Heavy Load Type): The SLS type has the same outer diameter as the LBS type and is a heavy-duty type with increased spline length. Most suitable for small space, large torque, or cantilevered load, torque and other effects of the occasion.
Flange type ball spline SLF type: The flange is bolted to the support seat; the assembly is simple, compared with the use of the key to shorten the support seat length.
Spline shaft type:
Precision Solid Spline Shaft (Standard Type): Precisely ground the rolling groove of the splined shaft by cold drawing to achieve high precision and then with the female spline.
Special spline shaft: When the diameter of the spline shaft end or the middle part is relatively large, THK will make the spline part by cutting.
Hollow spline shaft (K type): Need piping, wiring, exhaust or reduce the weight of the available hollow spline shaft.
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