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ASAHI bearing Plastic Series
Ball bearing group, environmentally friendly series of housings are made of stainless steel SCS13, bearing the same material used SUS440, eccentric ferrule is made of SUS304 material, that is, all stainless steel bearing group, with superior Corrosion pe
ASAHI bearing silver bright color
Mainly vertical seat type bearing assembly UP / UP-C type Compared with the original ball bearing assembly, small, lightweight, can realize the miniaturization of mechanical equipment, because the bearing seat has the center mark, it is easy to determine
ASAHI bearings used in water
The housings used in ASAHI water have excellent corrosion resistance, heat resistance and can operate directly in water without lubrication; they are used in liquid equipment.
ASAHI stainless steel bearing
ASAHI stainless steel bearing compared with the ordinary bearing, not only material has obvious advantages, but also in the process, the accuracy of control, to be more stringent than the average bearing. Stainless steel bearings work in the process of st
ASAHI bearing Plastic Series
This plastic series unit is consisted of the stainless steel insert bearing and the thermoplastic housing.It is self-alinging and anti-corrosive.The insert bearing is factory-lubricated with FD grease.
ASAHI bearing Vertical bearing assembly
ASAHI bearing seat through a special quenching components to be used for the ball bearings for the inner ring of a special quenching treatment only in the need for the degree of research required around the track surface quenching process so that top wire
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