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IKO Cylindrical roller linear guide MX
C-Lube Self-Lubricating Cylindrical Roller Linear Way X MX Built-in self-lubricating body with cylindrical roller linear guide Super X LRX for maximum performance, long-term, maintenance-free.
Flat roller bearings
Flat roller bearings with high rigidity, high precision, smoothness and good
IKO flat needle roller shaft
Flat needle bearing bearings rated load, smooth movement, low noise
[IKO Bearing]Rod end spherical plain bearings
IKO rod end spherical plain bearings are small self-aligning spherical plain bearings that can withstand large radial loads and bi-directional axial loads simultaneously.
[IKO Bearing] Roller bearings
IKO roller bearings are double row cylindrical roller mounted non-separable bearings, rated load. Not only radial load, but also through the meat ring collar and roller end face can withstand axial load, the most suitable as a fixed side bearings. And the
[IKO bearings]Crossed roller bearings
IKO Crossed Roller Bearings are rollers that are arranged orthogonally between the inner and outer rings and are compact bearings. Rolling contact surface, so the bearing load caused by minimal elastic deformation, and can carry radial load, axial load an
[IKO Bearing]Roller follower for bearings
IKO Roller Follower Bearings Needle roller bearings are incorporated into the thick-walled outer ring and are designed to rotate the outer ring. In order to be able to directly contact with each other slide surface to use, outer diameter of the roller dri
[IKO bearings] Spherical plain bearings
[IKO bearings]Spherical Plain Bearings The Spherical Plain Bearings are spherical self-aligning spherical plain bearings with a large radial load and a bi-directional axial load.
[IKO bearings] Cam follower for bearings
[IKO bearings] Cam follower for bearings The follower bearings for cam mechanisms and follower bearings for linear motion have high rigidity and high precision and are widely used in machine tools, industrial robots, electronic components and OA equipment
Inner ring
IKO inner ring is heat treated by high-precision grinding process. In general, needle roller bearings are heat-treated, ground, sharpened shafts used as raceway surfaces, and are used when the shaft surface can not be machined to a specified hardness or f
[IKO bearings]Composite needle roller bearings
[IKO bearings] compound needle roller bearings is a radial bearing with needle roller bearings with cage, thrust bearing with thrust ball bearings or thrust roller bearings, small size, economical bearing.
[IKO bearings]Thrust needle roller bearings
IKO thrust bearings are precision machined cage with roller, can be used in a small space, but also have to bear the heavy load capacity of high-rigidity bearings.
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