IKO Roller Bearing

IKO roller bearings are double row cylindrical roller mounted non-separable bearings, rated load. Not only radial load, but also through the meat ring collar and roller end face can withstand axial load, the most suitable as a fixed side bearings. And the
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[IKO Bearing] Roller Bearings in which rollers are incorporated in two rows are non-separable eavy-duty bearings.
They can withstand not only radial loads but axial loads as well, which are supported at the contacts between the shoulders of inner and outer rings and the end faces of rollers. Therefore, they are most suitable for use at the fixing side of a shaft. Like needle roller bearings, they are also compact.
Roller bearings include the caged type, full complement type and the type for sheaves, and any bearings suitable for the operating conditions can be selectd.
In particular, these bearings are used for heavy-duty machines such as construction machinery, and industrial machinery.
Caged Roller Bearings
These bearings are suitable for high-speed rotations and fluctuating loads. Also, as the axial distance between the double-row rollers is comparatively large,large moment loads can be supported.Caged roller bearings with seal incorporate seals on both sides. Synthetic resin rubber seals are excellent in the prevention of dust penetration and grease leakage,providing an excellent sealing effect.

Full Complement Roller Bearings
These bearings are suitable for low-speed rotations or oscillating motions and heavy loads. Similar to the caged type, the structure is advantageous for supporting moment loads.The bearings with seal incorporate seals on bothsides.

Roller Bearings for Sheaves
These bearings are the double-row full complement type with a low sectional height designed for use in sheaves. There are two types; the sealed type and the shield type. They can withstand heavy radial loads and shock loads at comparatively low-speed rotations, and can also withstand axial loads.They can easily be fixed axially to sheaves using the stop rings of the outer ring. As the width of the inner ring is designed to be larger than that of the outer ring, they require no spacer between sheaves. The structure is stable because the double-row rollers can withstand the moment loads caused by rope transition.The surfaces of these bearings are treated to have high corrosion resistance.

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