IKO C-Lube Linear Way MV
  • IKO C-Lube Linear Way MV

IKO C-Lube Linear Way MV

IKO C-Lube Linear Way MV has the maximum downward load rating among the ball types while achieving high load capacity, despite its extra low profile and light weight. It realizes long term maintenance free as the slide unit has a built-in lubrication part
Low profile, light weight
Adopting 2-column 4-point contact type simple structure, the ultra-low profile and ultra-light weight contribute to miniaturization of mechanical devices and contribute to energy saving.
High load capacity, high rigidity
Although ultra-low profile, ultra-light weight, but down to the rated load is the largest ball-type products, with high load capacity and high rigidity, can improve the life of mechanical devices and high security.
Ball fixed
The slider holds a ball retainer so that even if the slider is removed from the rail, the ball does not come off and is easy to handle.
As C-Lube self-lubricating parts of the lubricating oil can maintain long-term lubrication performance, thus reducing the cumbersome lubrication management man-hours.
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