Flat Needle Roller Shaft

Flat needle bearing bearings rated load, smooth movement, low noise
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Low profile
Using a simple structure with a high-precision roller and cage, the roller is guided with a limited straight line of low cross-section with a cross-sectional height.
Large rated load
Due to the small pitch roller assembly, so the rated load, high rigidity.
Easy to achieve rolling-oriented
The single-row form and the rectilinear right angle with 90 ° angle have been standardized and can be changed to roll guide without changing the design of the sliding guides, such as the base of the machine.
Smooth action, low noise
The rollers are guided by a high-precision machined holder so that the frictional resistance is small and a stable linear motion without stick-slip can be obtained. Synthetic resin cage is best suited for applications where noise is important.
Operation easier
Adopt the structure that roller and cage are not separated, easy to use.
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