IKO linear guide series

Linear guide series is a mechanical positioning mechanism to reduce linear motion friction indispensable parts. We offer a wide range of products, including linear and cylindrical roller linear guide systems, as well as ball spline series. The product spe
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IKO linear guide series is a mechanical positioning mechanism to reduce linear motion friction indispensable parts. We offer a wide range of products, including linear and cylindrical roller linear guide systems, as well as ball spline series. The product specifications range from the smallest 1mm rail in the world to large rails with high rigidity and high load carrying capacity, and are now widely used in the most advanced semiconductor manufacturing machinery and large-scale machine tools and construction machinery.
IKO linear guide Features:
1. Linear guide maintenance-free: the amount of oil to suppress the economic specifications.
2. Linear guideway free combination: complete reduction of all kinds of waste; with excellent interchangeability system free combination.
3. Outstanding design: proud of the 2 4-point touch simple structure can achieve the outstanding features.
IKO-Linear ball guide

LWF-Linear Guides
IKO-Straight product
Linear rotating bushing
Rotation and linear motion
By engaging the outer cylinder having the cylindrical raceway surface with the steel ball received in the retainer, it is possible to reciprocate in the axial direction while being rotated.
Small rolling resistance
Outer ring precision ball machining using high precision, rolling resistance, can be very smooth rotation and reciprocating linear motion.
Inertial force is small
Cage high rigidity, suitable for high-speed rotary motion or reciprocating linear motion.
Rich product group
There are two general-purpose and heavy-duty models with different load ratings. Each type is open and sealed. You can choose according to the machine and equipment specifications.
Linear bushing
Product Features:
Free combination
The outer cylinder and the shaft with track groove are dimensioned separately and each can be freely added or replaced.
High load capacity
The steel ball is arranged on the shaft with two track groove contact structure, high rigidity, load capacity.
Solid shafts and hollow shafts
Shafts without rails have a solid shaft LMG and a hollow shaft LMGT. Hollow shaft can be used for piping, wiring, exhaust and so on.
Size and linear bushing interchangeable
The LM series is interchangeable in size and linear bushing for easy replacement.
Flat needle roller bearings
Product Features:
Low profile
Using a simple structure with a high-precision roller and cage, the roller is guided with a limited straight line of low cross-section with a cross-sectional height.
Large rated load
Due to the small pitch roller assembly, so the rated load, high rigidity.
Easy to achieve rolling-oriented
The single-row form and the rectilinear right angle with 90 ° angle have been standardized and can be changed to roll guide without changing the design of the sliding guides, such as the base of the machine.
Smooth action, low noise
The rollers are guided by a high-precision machined holder so that the frictional resistance is small and a stable linear motion without stick-slip can be obtained. Synthetic resin cage is best suited for applications where noise is important.
Operation easier
Adopt the structure that roller and cage are not separated, easy to use.
IKO-Crossed roller linear guide slide group
Solve the problem of cage bias
Through the built-in original design rack and pinion gear mechanism, completely solve the problem of cage bias. Can be used peace of mind and other traditional cross roller linear guide easy to use purposes. Even if you speed up your work, you do not have to worry about the cage being biased. Long-term operation without the need for cage bias correction.
All installation dimensions are interchangeable
Adopting the original configuration of the rack provided by the company inside the track table, the complete interchangeability with the conventional crossed roller linear track is realized in the installation dimension. The same overall dimensions make it possible not only for new applications but also for machines and equipment that have been used with conventional crossed roller linear guides to be replaced with built-in gear and pinion-shaped crossed roller linear guides without changing their dimensions.
Solve the problem of the holder misplacement
Built-in ingenious design of the rack & pinion mechanism completely solves the problem of holder misplacement. Can be used for vertical axis and other difficult to use cross roller linear guide purposes. Even if the operating speed is increased, there is no need to worry about the misalignment of the retainer. Therefore, there is no need to correct the retainer misalignment even if it is operated for a long period of time.
Installation size can be completely interchangeable!
Adopting the unique structure of setting the rack on the inner side of the track table, the mounting dimensions can be completely interchanged with the conventional crossed roller linear guides. The same size, not only for new uses, but also can easily replace the original crossed roller linear guide on the machinery and equipment, without changing the installation size.
Move smoothly with great accuracy
This is a non-recirculating type linear guide that is arranged orthogonally to the highly precise raceways and ultra-precision rollers that are tightly controlled in their length dimensions for smooth movement with extremely high precision. Resolves the inherent small runout in a recirculating linear guide device, resulting in extremely high feed accuracy. Due to the extremely small frictional resistance, linear motion without stick-slip can be realized. Therefore, the tracking performance of the fine feed command is excellent and it is expected to further improve the positioning accuracy.

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