• IKO Linear Way LWL/LWLF


IKOLinear Way L is a miniature type linear motion rolling guide, incorporating two rows of steel balls arranged in four point contact with the raceways. Although it is small in size, it provides stable accuracy and rigidity owing to its simple design even
IKO linear guide L with two rows of steel ball and track 4 point contact configuration, although small, but can withstand the direction and size of the load and the composite load remained stable accuracy and rigidity. The basic specifications for stainless steel, shape and size are available, the user can choose the appropriate model.
Free combination
Ball-type fixed with free combination of products, sliders and slide respectively size management, each free to add or replace.
Standard and wide shape
The width of the slider shape with a standard shape and suitable for single-use slide rail width of two shapes.
Slider length
Stainless steel ball-type fixed series, the same cross-sectional size of the slider short, standard and high rigidity lengthened three different lengths, according to the type of choice of the appropriate use.
Stainless steel products and carbon steel products
Stainless steel products have excellent corrosion resistance and are most suitable for use in cleanrooms such as medical equipment, various magnetic disk readers, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Carbon steel products can be additional processing slide, is widely used in handling devices and other general purpose applications.
Ball fixed
Ball-mounted sliders are equipped with ball retainers, so even if the slide is removed from the slide, the ball does not come off and is easy to assemble.
Thread guide
Slides have bolts through the through hole on the side of the installation of the standard specifications, there are slide rails with internal thread thread guide specifications, the installation direction are free to choose, machinery and equipment design freedom.
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