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IKO bearings classification

IKO bearings classification
Needle bearing characteristics
Bearings can be roughly divided into rolling bearings and sliding bearings, rolling bearings according to the type of rolling body can be divided into ball bearings and roller bearings.
Needle roller needle roller bearings for the rolling body into the section height, high precision rolling bearings, has the following characteristics:
Rolling bearing advantages:
1. Small starting friction and small dynamic friction: the difference between starting friction and dynamic friction is small, and the friction coefficient is small. Therefore, the driving device can be miniaturized so that the mechanical main body can be miniaturized and reduced in weight, reducing the mechanical cost and saving the power cost.
2. To maintain long-term stability of precision: due to friction, it can maintain long-term stability of precision.
3. To improve the reliability of machinery: Because it can predict the rolling fatigue life, it improves the mechanical reliability.
4 can simplify the lubrication structure: In most cases, only grease lubrication can fully guarantee its work, it can simplify the lubrication structure, maintenance is also simple.
Needle bearing advantages:
1. Low cross-section height, heavy load: Compared with other rolling bearings, the cross-section height is low and can withstand heavy loads. Therefore, the entire machine can be miniaturized and reduced in weight, helping to reduce costs.
2. Rotation torque is small, improve the efficiency of machinery: small radius of rotation, so the same friction, the rotation torque can improve the efficiency of small machinery.
3. Can reduce the inertia force: Due to the bearing capacity and the quality of small, it can reduce the bearing inertia around the bearing movement.
4. The most suitable for swinging movement: rolling the number of roots, spacing, it is suitable for swinging movement.
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