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IKO linear guide how to be maintenance-free

Linear guidance equipment to machine tools, semiconductors, LCD-related production-based, multi-purpose to support robots, measuring equipment and other industrial mechanical properties of the positioning elements of spare parts, outstanding performance.
The linear guide is a product that extends the use of a rotary bearing to a flat sliding part. It not only has excellent performance but also has many advantages such as easy installation and maintenance, and is an indispensable mechanical part such as precision positioning and conveying mechanism of a machine and a device .
To rail-oriented form of linear guide, cylindrical roller linear guide-based, with the company proud of the shaft-oriented form of ball spline and other rich and varied series, the excellent performance and quality products, has won numerous Customer's acclaim

C-Lube self-lubricating grease alone can achieve long-term maintenance-free!
Maintenance-free: Self-lubricating walking performance of at least 20,000 km can only be maintained with the lubricating oil in the C-Lube self-lubricating plate. Coupled with the slider sealed in the grease, but also to achieve long-term maintenance-free. Maintenance free throughout the product life.
Economic Environment: Lubricants in C-Lube self-lubricating plates supply only the amount necessary to maintain the lubricity of the roller guide. Even when traveling long distances, the amount of lubricant consumed is minimal. Therefore, it is possible to maintain the lubricating performance over a long period of time. Inhibit the amount of oil economical specifications!
Compact structure: C-Lube self-lubricating plate built-in C-Lube self-lubricating linear guide · cylindrical roller linear guide, compared with the external lubrication of the product type, the slider does not need to lengthen. Not subject to installation space or length of travel constraints, can easily be used to replace the old product. Emphasis on space-saving compact design!
Light and smooth: C-Lube self-lubricating linear guide Cylindrical roller linear guide installed on the slider outside, and sliding contact with the way of lubrication will not produce sliding resistance. Can be sensitive to follow the driving force, help to improve the mechanical precision and energy saving (friction loss). Run easily and smoothly!
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