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IKO Needle Roller bearing

IKO Needle Roller bearing
Characteristics of IKO Needle Roller Bearings
Bearings can be classified into two main types, namely rolling bearings and sliding bearings. Rolling bearings can be subdivided further into ball bearings and roller bearings according to the rolling elements.Needle Roller Bearings are high-precision rolling bearings with a low sectional height, incorporating needle rollers as the rolling element. They have the following features.
Merits of IKO Needle Roller Bearings
1.With a low sectional height, they can withstand heavy loads.Since they have a low sectional height compared with other rolling bearings and yet can withstand heavy loads, machines can be made more compact and lightweight, thus saving costs.
2.Rotating torque is small, improving mechanical efficiency.Since the rotating radius is small, the rotating torque is also small under the same frictional conditions,thus improving mechanical efficiency.
3.Inertia is minimized.Since the bearing volume and weight are small, the moment of inertia of the bearing is minimized when it is put in motion.
4.Most suited to oscillating motions.Many rolling elements are arranged at a small spacing pitch, and this configuration is most suited to oscillating motions.
The accuracy of Needle Roller Bearings conforms to JIS B 1514-1~-3 (Rolling bearings -Tolerances of bearings), and the dimensional accuracy and rotational accuracy are specified. The specified items are shown in Fig. 11.
Needle Roller Bearings are classified into 4 classes of accuracy. These classes are represented by the numbers 0, 6, 5 and 4, written in order of increasing accuracy.
Table 12 shows the accuracy for the inner rings of radial bearings, Table 13 shows the accuracy for the outer rings of radial bearings, Table 14 shows the tolerances
for the smallest single roller set bore diameter of radial bearings, and Table 15 shows the permissible limit values of chamfer dimensions of radial bearings. For thrust bearings, see the section on accuracy of Thrust Bearings. Note that the series of
Shell Type Needle Roller Bearings, Roller Bearings,Cam Followers, Roller Followers, Combined Type Needle Roller Bearings, and Crossed Roller Bearings have special accuracy. For further details, see the section on accuracy of each bearing series.
The meanings of the new symbols for quantitiesused for accuracy of radial bearings are asfollows:
① Δ represents the deviation of a dimension fromthe specified value.
② V represents the variation of a dimension.
③ Suffixes s, m, and p represent a single (oractual) measurement, a mean measurement,and a measurement in a single radial plane,respectively.
[Example] Vdp means the difference between the largest and the smallest of the bore
diameters in a single radial plane (circularity).
Vdmp means the difference between the largest and the smallest of the single plane mean bore diameters (cylindricity).
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