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THK bearing in vacuum environment

In a vacuum environment, measures need to be taken to prevent the release of gas from the resin and to prevent evaporation of grease. Therefore, products with high corrosion resistance must be selec ted.
■ Measures to prevent evaporation of grease Vacuum grease
If a general grease is used in a vacuum, the oil contained in the grease will evaporate and the grease will lose its lubricity.
Therefore, special vacuum grease should be used, which uses fluorinated oil with lower vapor pressure as the base oil.
■ Measures to prevent the release of gas from the resin
Stainless steel THK bearing It uses stainless steel in the end cover of the THK slider (made of resin for the ball circulation device) to reduce the escape of gas.
In a vacuum environment, use highly corrosion resistant stainless steel THK bearings.
For high temperature environments such as baking, use THK bearings for high temperatures that are resistant to heat and corrosion.
■ Anti-rust measures
Stainless steel THK bearings THK bearings High temperature THK bearings THK bearings THK bearings use austenitic stainless steel in THK rails, with high corrosion resistance.
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