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THK bearings needle roller cam guide

THK bearings needle roller cam guide
Needle roller cam guide is a compact, high rigidity with shaft bearings. Its interior with needle roller bearings, cam mechanism or linear motion can be used as a guide roller.

Due to its outer ring in direct contact with the mating surface at the same time for rotational movement, this product is thick-walled structure, designed to withstand the impact load.
In addition, the inside of the outer ring, equipped with precision retainer needle roller, which can prevent the product side down, to achieve excellent rotation performance, and can withstand high-speed rotation.
The shape of the outer surface of the outer ring is divided into spherical and cylindrical. Spherical outer ring easy to absorb the deformation of the shaft center, helps to reduce the bias load.
Needle roller cam guides are used in a wide range of applications such as cam machines for automatic machines, special machine tools and carrying systems, conveyors, bookbinding machines, tool changers for machining centers, rotary tables, automatic sprayer and automatic warehouse sliding Forklift and so on.

Needle roller needle cam guides
Conventional products require jigs to mount plugs and nipples, while the needle roller cam guides CF-AB with grease nipples are ready for immediate use after they have been removed from the box due to the grease nipples on both sides.
In addition, the hexagonal can be fixed either from the head of the stud or from the side of the threaded portion, and can be added in both directions
fat. The installation and maintenance can be done without concern for the installation space, so the work efficiency is improved.
Built-in thrust ball roller needle cam guides
For high-speed cam mechanisms operating in harsh environments, even small installation errors can cause abnormal wear on the thrust devices of needle roller cam guides. In this case, using a needle roller cam follower type CFN with a built-in thrust ball will have a significant effect on durability.
CFN5 ~ 12 type are standard stock items. If the product you are looking for is a non-standard part, contact THK.
The CFN type is able to withstand thrust loads due to minor installation errors. However, in designing the cam mechanism and installing needle roller cam guide
When the device should be as much as possible to reduce the thrust component.
Types of needle cam guides
Needle roller needle cam guide CF-AB type
Both ends of the stud are provided with a hexagonal hole, and the hexagonal hole is provided with a grease nipple for adding grease. Therefore, you can install and grease in both directions.
Corresponds to stud diameter [mm] 12 ~ 30

Ordinary needle roller cam guide type CF
This model is a general type needle roller cam guide with a driving groove on the stud head.
Corresponds to the stud diameter [mm] 5 ~ 10

Needle Cam Follower with Hexagon Hole Type CF-A
Thanks to its hexagon socket, it is easy to install the model with a hexagonal .
Corresponds to the stud diameter [mm] 3 ~ 30

Eccentric needle roller guide CFH-AB type, CFH-A type
As the stud shaft and stud head installation with 0.25 mm ~ 1.0 mm eccentric, this model simply by rotating the stud can be easily
Adjust the position. Since it is not necessary to adjust the position of the cam groove, it is not necessary to finish the position of the mounting hole or the like,
To reduce the processing and assembly of the working hours.
CFH-AB type ... with oil nozzle • Hexagon socket

Corresponds to stud diameter [mm] 12 ~ 30
CFH-A type ......... with hexagonal mounting hole
Corresponds to the stud diameter [mm] 5 ~ 30

Built-in ball thrust needle roller guide CFN-R-A type
This model is based on a common type of needle roller cam guide, equipped with thrust loading ball inside.
As a result of installation error thrust load, with the effect of preventing wear and friction.
Corresponds to the stud diameter [mm] 5 ~ 12

Needle roller needle cam guide CFT type
This model is a needle cam guide machined with threaded holes for piping in the stud head and thread portion of a conventional needle cam guide.
It is the best choice for situations where centralized piping lubrication is required.
Corresponding to the stud diameter [mm] 6 ~ 30

Outer ring compact needle roller guide CFS-A type
Cam guides with extremely fine needle rollers.
The outer diameter of the outer ring is very small relative to the diameter of the stud, thus enabling a compact design.
Corresponding to the stud diameter [mm] 2.5 ~ 6

Simple installation type needle roller guide CF-SFU type
In order to simplify the installation, the stud section is staged and can be screwed. Can greatly reduce the installation man-hours, the most suitable for the device without a screw combination of space.
Corresponding to the stud diameter [mm] 6 ~ 20

Double row cylindrical roller cam guide NUCF-AB type
Installed with double row cylindrical roller, can carry a higher radial load. Both ends of the stud are provided 
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