NACHI Spherical Roller Bearings

Since the roller of the self-aligning roller bearing is in contact with the track surface in a line contact manner, it has an extremely large radial load capacity. In addition, by virtue of the spherical shape of the track, this bearing also has the abili
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NACHI Spherical Roller Bearings
Since the self-aligning roller bearings between the roller and the track surface, the contact for the line contact, it has great radial load capacity. In addition by the spherical shape of the track, so that this bearing also has the ability to withstand axial load.
NACHi self-aligning roller bearings have sub-standard and high-speed type. The standard type of rolling element is a symmetrical type roller, generally indicated by E or EX after the model number. High-speed type of roller for the asymmetric roller, usually in the model behind the AX or AEX to represent.
series Standard type High-speed type
239         20,
230     20~36   38~/1000   20~36 38~48  
249   24~36     38~/600,
231   20~34     36~/800   20~34 36~48  
241   22~32     36~/500       22~34
222 05~30   32 32 34~68 05~30   32  
232   18,
  32~/600   20~30 32~40  
213   11~22 04~10,
232 08~26       28~60 07~26   28, 30  
Sectional view        
Roller Symmetrical Symmetrical Asymmetric Asymmetric
Guidance method Floating guide ring Guide surface Guide surface Guide surface
Retainer Stamping steel Car copper alloy Car copper alloy Car copper alloy

Formal sign:
Self-aligning roller bearings in the form of a symbol of "2"

ID mark:
ID mark indicates the size of the bearing diameter. The number is multiplied by 5mm for the inner diameter, for example 22206 the inner diameter is 6 * 5mm = 30mm
When the inner diameter is 500mm or more, it is expressed by / xxx, and xxx is the size of the inner diameter.
For example: 230 / 600E is the inner diameter of 600mm bearings.

Oil hole, oil groove mark:
No marking when no oil hole design.
W20 only when the hole design.
W33 when the hole and the oil ditch design. (Standard)

Inner hole form symbol:
Not marked when the cylindrical bore.
K when 1:12 conical bore.
K30 when 1:30 conical bore.

Clearance mark:
The range of clearance is in accordance with Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS).

Bearing life
Frequently asked question is: "How much power can this bearing withstand?"
Strictly speaking, the maximum force that a bearing can withstand without damage is equal to the "basic static load rating" in the specification table. But does not mean that can run for a long time!
Should be asked is, in the use of load and speed, the bearing can achieve the required life?
Bearing life can be calculated, but before calculating life expectancy, you need to know the speed and equivalent load. The so-called equivalent load is calculated when the bearing bear both radial load (Fr) and axial load (Fa), which is equivalent to pure radial load calculation load, usually expressed in Pr and Por. Please refer to the table at the top right of catalog for the calculation method of Pr and Por.

Spherical roller bearings if both sides are covered, it will be pre-sealed with the right amount of grease. For example: 6005ZZE, 6005-2NKE, 6005-2NSE
In general, single-sided covers and open bearings only have anti-rust oil, so they must be supplied with lubricant at the time of use.

Other precautions

[1] The basic dynamic load rating (Cr) and basic static load rating (Cor) in the dimension tables are only valid for bearing steels and are subject to standard heat treatment.
[2] Although the contact type rubber-covered type bearings have good grease tightness, the grease may still leak out at high temperature, high speed or rotation of the outer ring.
[3] Sealed bearings do not clean prior to assembly.
[4] Single-sided iron cover or single-sided plastic cover of the bearings, the inner and outer wheels are not covered with machining oil seal groove. 
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