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NACHI Tapered Roller Bearings

Such bearings along the inner wheel track surface, the outer raceway along the track along the surface and roller along the surface, will be in the central axis intersect at the same point, so the slewing condition is very smooth and smooth.
Contact angle
In the type after the word "D", on behalf of the bearing contact angle is relatively large, suitable for higher axial load situation. (Example: E30305DJ)
Smaller size bearings using steel stamping retainer, the larger size of the bearing will use the car made of high strength copper alloy or low carbon steel to produce.
Bearing accuracy
When not marked for the general accuracy, or as 0 level.
0 above are referred to as precision class, accuracy from low to high sort for the 0, 6, 5, 4 marked with P and P series in the back. For example: E32206J P6

Bearing life
Frequently asked question is: "How much power can this bearing withstand?"
Strictly speaking, the maximum force that a bearing can withstand without damage is equal to the "basic static load rating" in the specification table. But does not mean that can run for a long time!
Should be asked is, in the use of load and speed, the bearing can achieve the required life?
Bearing life can be calculated, but before calculating life expectancy, you need to know the speed and equivalent load. The so-called equivalent load is calculated when the bearing bear both radial load (Fr) and axial load (Fa), which is equivalent to pure radial load calculation load, usually expressed in Pr and Por. Please refer to the table at the top right of catalog for the calculation method of Pr and Por.

Other precautions
[1] The retainer protrudes the end face of the back of the bearing so the two bearings can not be used back-to-back either directly, or the retainers interfere with each other.
[2] The bearing outer face of the outer ring is relatively thin, if you use the spacer ring, be careful not to be too thick, so as not to interfere with the retainer.
[3] When installing, it is easy to generate a gap between the roller end surface and the bearing surface of the inner ring. It is recommended that the assembly should be rotated to ensure that the roller and the bearing surface are firmly closed.
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