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ASAHI bearing Plastic Series
This plastic series unit is consisted of the stainless steel insert bearing and the thermoplastic housing.It is self-alinging and anti-corrosive.The insert bearing is factory-lubricated with FD grease.
ASAHI bearing Vertical bearing assembly
ASAHI bearing seat through a special quenching components to be used for the ball bearings for the inner ring of a special quenching treatment only in the need for the degree of research required around the track surface quenching process so that top wire
IKO C-Lube Linear Ball Spline MAG
IKO C-Lube Ball Spline MAG is a compact linear motion rolling guide which achie achie endless linear motion of an external cylinder along a spline shaft. With IKOoriginal C-Lube technology, its performance makes the products different from others, providi
NACHI Crane pulley bearings
Because it is both inner and outer ring with double row without cage roller bearings, the basic rated load, not only can withstand the moment load, but also to withstand axial load.
NACHI Ball screw support bearings
Ball screw support bearings are used to support high-precision, high-speed machining of various precision machine tools, precision measuring equipment, robots and other transmission mechanism installed in the ball screw is a high-precision, high-performan
NACHI Spindle bearings
One of the main purposes of the spindle is to process the product as quickly and accurately as possible. Therefore, the bearing for the main shaft needs to be able to adapt to high-speed operation of the structure and good running accuracy and rigidity.
NACHI Thrust Spherical Roller Bearings
The track of this bearing's orbital ring is centered on the axis of the sphere with its center of radius and has center-to-center performance. The contact angle α is about 45 °, which allows the bearing to withstand axial loads and a certain degree of rad
NACHI Thrust ball bearings
A shaft-mounted bearing raceway ring is known as a shaft raceway ring, a seat raceway ring mounted on a bearing housing, and a circular orbital raceway groove for ball rolling on both the axle raceway ring and seat raceway ring.
NACHI Spherical roller bearing
Such bearings outer race track surface designed spherical, Qi center and bearing the same center point. The shape of the roller is drum-shaped, with the cage mounted on the inner wheel. In this design, the bearings are self-aligning and suitable for large
NACHI Four row tapered roller bearings
Four-row tapered roller bearings for calender roll necks are structurally easy to service and maintain and are designed to provide the maximum basic load rating of the bearing within the confined space of the roll neck.
NACHI Tapered Roller Bearings
Such bearings along the inner wheel track surface, the outer raceway along the track along the surface and roller along the surface, will be in the central axis intersect at the same point, so the slewing condition is very smooth and smooth.
NACHI Cylindrical Roller Bearings
This roller bearing structure is the simplest of all roller bearings. Inside and outside the ring and the roller for the line contact, so the radial load capacity, but also for high-speed rotation occasions.
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