THK Precision rotating ball screw

THK Precision Rotating Ball Screw-Longzhichuang Co.,Ltd.Standard Lead Nut Rotary Ball Screw DIR type is a ball nut type rotary ball screw unit that integrates a single-nut ball screw and a support bearing.
Standard Lead Nut Rotary Ball Screw DIR type is a ball nut type rotary ball screw unit that integrates a single-nut ball screw and a support bearing.
The nut is a ball-and-ring structure using a circulator system. Balls move along the circulator grooves mounted in the nut to the adjacent rolling surfaces and are then circulated in the load area for infinite rolling motion.
In addition, as the misalignment preload nut, the left and right two threads are phase-shifted in the central portion of the single nut so that the axial clearance reaches a negative value (pre-compression state). Compared with the traditional double-nut type (with two tabs inserted between two nuts), it is small and smooth and smooth.
Bearing by the two rows of contact angle of 45 DB angular contact bearings to provide pre-pressure. Rings used to mount pulleys are now integrated with nuts (refer to section A).

Ball Screw Features:
Since the internal circulation mechanism uses a circulator, the external diameter is only 70% ~ 80% of the return pipe nut and the total length is 60% ~ 80% of the return pipe nut, thereby reducing the weight and reducing the inertial force during acceleration. In addition, due to the integrated support structure of the nut bearing, both high-precision and small design can be achieved. And because the nuts are light and have low inertia, a high degree of responsiveness is achieved.
 Can trace positioning
The ball screw, which is a standard lead, can be positioned slightly even when the nut is rotated. Easy to establish the precision Because the support bearing and the outer ring together, the bearing can be fitted together with the nut seat on the outer face of the flange flange. Therefore, it is easy to set the center of the nut and easy to establish the precision.
Excellent balance of performance
Because the circulator is evenly spaced around the circumference, excellent balancing performance can be guaranteed when the nut is rotated.
Low speed range of stability
Due to external reasons, torque and speed are prone to unevenness when the motor is operating in a low speed range. The DIR-type motor can be independently connected to the screw shaft and the nut of the THK ball screw so that inching feed can be maintained within the stable range of rotation of the motor.
【BLR type】
A rotary ball screw is a nut rotary type ball screw device in which a nut and a support bearing are integrated. The contact angle of the support bearing is 60 °, and the number of steel balls is increased, which is an angular contact bearing with high rigidity in the axial direction.
BLR type is divided into two types: precision ball screw and rolling ball screw.
Smooth movement
Compared with the straight movement of rack & pinion, smooth movement can be obtained.
High-speed operation can also maintain low noise
Due to the BLR type end cap method, the ball was 掬 into the nut when the sound is small. In addition, the steel balls circulate inside the nut, and the noise is very low even at high speed.
High rigidity
Compared with the support shaft when the screw shaft rotation, the support bearing larger. Therefore, the axial rigidity can be greatly improved.
Due to the integrated structure of the nut and the support bearing, it is possible to achieve both high-precision and small-size design.
Easy to install
Simply screw on the seat, you can simply get the ball screw nut rotation mechanism. (Housing bore tolerance recommended H7.)