Crane pulley hanging wheel customization

The crane pulley block function is labor-saving and can change the direction of force action.
Chinese name: Crane pulley
Definition: fixed pulley for the hook group to work together
Function: labor saving can change the direction of force
Crane pulley
Overview of the pulley block:
It is a fixed pulley that cooperates with the hook group. It is fixed on the structure and is composed of several fixed pulleys and movable pulleys. It can save energy and change the direction of force action.
Classification of pulleys:
The pulley can be divided into a work pulley and a balance pulley, which are common machines that can be rotated about a central axis.
Material of the pulley:
The material of the pulley is generally HT15-33 cast iron, and ZG35II cast steel is often used for grab and special purpose cranes. In order to improve the efficiency of the pulley block and improve the conditions of use, the bearings of the pulleys are all rolling bearings.
Pulley rope groove:
When selecting the rope groove of the pulley, the radius of the rope groove is often taken as R=0.6d, and the contact surface of the wire rope and the rope groove is required to be as large as possible.
Pulley unit use:
The pulley block is widely used in cranes, hoists, elevators and other machinery, and is an important part of the lifting machinery.