LWF series specifications by nominal model to specify. Indicate the applicable specifications with the notation of form number, size and part mark, material mark, preload mark, grade mark, interchangeability mark and auxiliary mark of the nominal type.
Description Nominal model
Linear guides LWFH / LWFF / LWFS
1. Endurance capacity of the wide moment series:
Slides wide, load torque load point longer distance, so withstand torque and composite load endurance, is also suitable for single-use linear guide equipment.
2. The slider shape that can be according to the purpose
There are 3 types of slider types, 2 types of flange type and narrow width type with different size series. The most suitable products can be according to the specifications of the machine and the device.
3. Equipped with stainless steel products with excellent corrosion resistance: stainless steel products with excellent corrosion resistance, the most suitable place to exclude rust-proof oil clean room and other places.