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KK Single Axis Robot
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KK Single Axis Robot

KK Single-Axis Robot - Longzhichuang Co., Ltd. specializes in wiring module assembly, linear module customization, linear module design and other comprehensive services, high positioning accuracy, and strives to customize your needs for different needs an
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HIWIN single-axis robots use the years of manufacturing technology and professional standards, with the development of ball screw and linear slide design
The group has the characteristics of easy installation, small size, high precision, etc. The product types and specifications are diversified, and it is suitable for various types of automation equipment.
◎Products are diversified and can be used with:
Drive mode: separable ball screw, timing belt
Motor output: optional servo motor or stepper motor
Motor connection: direct, lower, built-in, left, right, depending on space used
Effective stroke: 100~2000 mm (depending on screw speed)
◎ Easy to assemble and maintain
◎Customized according to customer needs, special design and manufacture of single or combination parts
◎ single axis can be combined into multiple axes
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