IKO linear guide LWH

IKO linear guide: MH series, LWH series of specifications specified by the nominal model. Indicate the applicable specifications by means of the notation of form number, size and part mark, dust mark, material mark, preload mark, grade mark, interchangeab
1. Ball type has the highest level of rated load of high rigidity series, assembled with large diameter ball, to achieve a good balance of high load capacity of high rigidity linear guide equipment.
2. To meet the diverse needs of a wide range of products, mainly flange-type slider, there are narrow width of the block type, horizontal mounting type, a total of five types of slider length in the same cross-sectional size of three different Type, users can choose the most suitable product according to the specifications of machinery and equipment.
3. With excellent corrosion resistance of stainless steel products, stainless steel products, excellent corrosion resistance, the most suitable anti-rust oil repellent clean room
Used in other places.
4. Can play a good dust-proof performance of the high dust-proof specifications have been formed series, high dust-proof specifications of all products will be precision grinding of the special rail and equipped with a special shape of the side seal and the following gasket gasket Together, play an excellent dust-proof performance. In addition, the special specifications with the inner gasket can further improve the ball dust cycle performance, prevent foreign matter from the top of the slide invasion.