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50~750w Hiwin servo motor
  • 50~750w Hiwin servo motor

50~750w Hiwin servo motor

Servo Motor - Longzhichuang Co., Ltd.; professionally provides servo motor, our rotary motor, including AC servo motor and DC brush motor, with high speed and low torque.
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Our rotary motors, including AC servo motor and DC brush motor, are featured with high speed, low torque. With auto tuning drive, AC servo motor can be controlled in a high-precision, low noise, high response, and high instantaneous output way. Otherwise, our motor operating with current, speed and position control mode is allowed as needed. DC brush motor is the easiest to use, it can operate directly without drive.

FR Series
AC servo motor is a rotary motor with high-speed and low-torque, often used in automated, processing machines, turning machines, testing equipment, or winding machines. With servo drive controller, can achieve high response, high acceleration and deceleration and excellent running smoothness. With variety of diverse components and motor drive options can satisfied various of customer application needs.

 The inner rotary permanent magnet motor
 Brushless electronically commutated drive
 High power density
 High efficiency
 Optional key
 Optional brake
 Optional seal
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