SFI Series 2005 Ball Screw

SFI series 2005 ball screw, spot ball screw; stock length 290mm, 557mm, 855mm, long-term supply 2005 grinding C5 ball screw, we also can offer customization; Mobile/wechate number: 15999576225
If you are interested in C5 2005 ball screw with length 290mm/557mm/885mm,  you can go to download to take the size details drawing and check wether can meet your need or not, or you can contact us freely whatsapp/wechat/phone: +86 15920481101, we will reply you in 12 hours
The ball screw is a mechanical component that converts linear motion by the rotational motion of the inner steel ball. Compared with the traditional ACME screw, the ball screw has a longer service life, is more environmentally friendly, and is more stable in operation.
Ball screw rod - 
1. Internal loop design saves space.
2. The driving torque is small, only 1/3 of the sliding screw.
3. Guarantee high precision.
4. Can be used for micro feed, can be controlled within 0.1 microns.
5. No gap, high rigidity.
Ball screw function

High reliability
Ball screws are based on product technology that has been accumulated for many years. From materials, heat treatment, manufacturing, inspection to shipping, we have strict quality assurance system management and high reliability.

2. Stylish action
Ball screws are more efficient than sliding screws and require less than 30% torque. Converting linear motion to rotational motion is easy. The ball screw maintains smooth running characteristics even when preloaded.

3. No gap and high rigidity
The ball screw has the shape of a Gothic arched groove, the axial clearance can be adjusted to a minimu-m, and it can be easily rotated. Pre-pressure adjustment is also performed between one or both nuts to eliminate axial play to provide proper rigidity to meet the conditions of use.

4. Cycle mode
It has an internal circulation type, an outer circulation type and an end cap circulation type multi-cycle patent to meet various needs of customers.

5. Excellent durability
Ball screws have been based on the production technology of ball screws for many years, using rigorous materials, can provide high-quality heat treatment and processing of durable products.

Automation industry, semiconductor industry, industrial grade machinery, medical grade industry, solar energy equipment, machine tool machinery, parking equipment and other related industries.